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How to Manage a Pig Farm


As more and more Nigerians are becoming business owner, more and more people are paying attention into agriculture and agribusiness, so there are more people interested in pig farming in Nigeria than ever before. Pig has been regarded as an unclean animal, its natural likeness for dirt and decayed materials for food and the biblical reference to it as one of the unclean animals forbidden for the Israelites as meat do not encourage many people to look at it as an animal to be reared. The last point against it is its great quantity of oil and fat content, which reduces the number of people that eats pig. In Africa, some of the above mentioned issues are due to the poor breeds of pig that are seen every day and more especially, the level of approach to its rearing which is just the ordinary with no form of medication or vaccination. This method leaves a lot to be desired as long as pig breeding and consumption is concern. But authorities in food nutrition have proved that pig offers the best potential of satisfying the meat needs of the population when compared with other livestock kept by man.


Africans are not adequately utilizing these potentials. Our aim here in KACS is to look at intensive pig rearing in the light of best management practices, where pork meat is one of the best meats served at tables. Pig is a monogastric animal reared primarily for pork, bacon, ham and sausages. Pigs can be raised according to consumers taste. We can raise pigs with no fat in the meat, this will solve the problem of those persons who detest the meat as a result of excess fat. This can be achieved by simply manipulating the feed of the pigs to reduce its fat content. Also, the idea of seeing the pig as a dirty animal by the majority in the society will be wiped off, as pigs kept under intensive care are the CLEAN animals. When proper routine management practices are observed, the pig is one the CLEANEST animal there is. Extensive pig production and seminar presentations will help develop the knowledge of the populace on the prospects of pig meat in Nigeria and beyond. This will also help to reduce the price of competing commodities such as beef meat and chicken.

As of now, there is few well established pig farms in Nigeria. This has created a major problem for pig marketers in the country. But in truth, there is a lot of opportunities to explore in pig farming.





  1. It is a good source of income for the farmer. Money realised from the sale of pigs can be used to solve immediate financial problems of the farmer.

  2. Pig is one of the most prolific domestic animals. Sow (female pig) can give birth up to 14-16 young ones (piglets) at a single birth compared to 1-2 in cattle, goat and sheep.

  3. It can be started with moderate capital on small-scale production and it can also be reared on large-scale with huge capital and the return to investment is quick.

  4. The management practices are simple and could be managed effectively on small-scale by members of the family.

  5. The droppings or faeces could be used to improve soil fertility for the growth of vegetables and production of maggots for fish production.

  6. The meat is delicious, soft, tasty and palatable.

  7. Pigs are efficient at converting the feed into edible meat. The efficiency of feed utilization is very high.

  8. Pigs can be fed with various household waste such as plantain peel, yam peel, remnant foods such as cooked rice, beans etc.

  9. Pigs have a short gestation period of 114 days. As a result, they can give birth three times a year with good management practices on the farm.

  10. Pigs are very hardy and not easily predisposed to disease. Under good management the mortality rate is very low.

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KACS can help you setup a profitable pig production business. We offer the following services: pen construction, supply of weaners and parent stock, feed and other farm equipment for a profitable pig production enterprise. We deal on different breeds of pigs with good track records. We decide what type of structure is best for your land based on location and topography of the land. We can also help to manage your farm effectively for maximum production.

KACS is reliable and consistent in its approach towards achieving best pig production and management practices for maximum output.

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